RSPCA & fire service rescue deer tangled by antlers in rope

The RSPCA and Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service rescued a Red Stag who had got himself tangled in electric sheet fencing in Suffolk this morning (23 February).

We were called after the deer was spotted with his antlers stuck in the fencing in the grounds of Tuddenham Hall, in Grundisburgh Road, Tuddenham, early this morning.

In trying to free himself, the frightened animal had become more and more entangled … Continue reading…

RSPCA helps sika swing out of harm’s way

Deer rescued after becoming entangled in child’s swing


The RSPCA rescued a sika deer entangled by a child’s swing which had become wrapped around his antlers in Wool, Dorset at the weekend.


The deer was first spotted earlier this month with the red plastic seat and blue nylon rope, cotton rope and fixing bolts all tangled around his antlers.  Members of the public in Wool saw the deer but at … Continue reading…

Litter warning after duck caught with bottle fastener in beak


The RSPCA is asking people to be careful when disposing of litter after a duck had to be rescued in Hatfield on Monday (2 February).


The mallard was spotted in the grounds of the Mill Green Museum and Mill by concerned members of staff.


He had a plastic bottle fastener around the top of his beak and head.


RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Kate Wright was … Continue reading…


Milder winter could be to blame for large number of hedgehogs admitted to our West Hatch Wildlife Centre.

There are plenty more mouths to feed at our wildlife centre in Somerset, Taunton.  Staff have been kept busy by the large number of hogs being brought through the doors.


50 per cent increase in hedgehog admittance’s

Last month 40 hogs were admitted to the centre – compared to 27 in 2013 – almost a 50 per cent increase in … Continue reading…


We’re preparing for a long winter as the seal season approaches and pens fill up with poorly pups.

When an unexpected tidal surge hit the Norfolk coast last December more than 100 seal pups were left injured and stranded. We were called in to help rescue the orphaned pups and bring them back to full health.

The number of seals we took in jumped by 61 per cent in 2013 from 170 to 273. As the winter months … Continue reading…