We remind bank holiday gardeners to be on the look out for wildlife


We’re warning gardeners to tread carefully this bank holiday to avoid disturbing or harming the wildlife which may be living in their gardens.

Every year we receive calls about wild animals with distressing and often fatal gardening related injuries which in most cases are completely avoidable. With gardeners likely to make the most of the long weekend we are urging caution.

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The RSPCA is urging caution on the roads after a peacock got stuck in the grille of a car.

We were called very early on Tuesday morning (20 May) after the bird was discovered caught in the front of the vehicle in Peterlee Road in Cowley, Oxford.

Unfortunately, he was so badly injured by the accident that he had to put to sleep to end his suffering. It is not known how long he was stuck there but he was … Continue reading…


Staff at our West Hatch Wildlife Centre have plenty of little mouths to feed after an influx of baby tawny owls were admitted into our care.

Over a four week period our West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Taunton, Somerset, has seen the equivalent of one tawny owlet admission per day. Now the centre is packed to the rafters with the young nestlings and fledglings.

The young tawny owls were brought in from across the south-west of England after they … Continue reading…


Our inspectors and welfare officers have helped save the lives of thousands of animals this year. In March alone we took almost 100,000 calls from the public asking for help.

It has been a particularly busy year for us and our national call centre has received 26,000 more calls in the first five months of the year, compared to 2013.

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A swan is in intensive care after being shot twice with a crossbow in Norfolk, just a fortnight after a goose was similarly attacked down the road.

We were called on Sunday (4 May) after the injured bird was spotted on the river Nene in the village of Upwell, near Wisbech. Members of the public in boats on the water at March Riverside saw him trying to swim with a bolt coming from his shoulder

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