Heartwarming video footage captures the moment a buzzard was returned to the wild after he was nursed back to health by RSPCA Cymru.

A railway worker found the buzzard next to the railway line in the Wolf’s Castle / Welsh Hook area of Pembrokeshire on January 29 – seeming distressed, hopping along and not flying.

The buzzard was taken into the care of the RSPCA – who gave the bird a thorough checking over, and fortunately found no fractures or … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru has urged the Welsh Government to ensure animal welfare doesn’t “fall behind” in Wales – as proposals come forward in England to ban the keeping of primates as pets.

The UK Government on Saturday (12 December) launched an eight-week consultation into banning the keeping of primates as pets in England.

RSPCA Cymru has long opposed the practice – believing that meeting the needs of monkeys is essentially impossible to do in a household, domestic environment.

Estimates suggest approximately … Continue reading…

The use of wild animals in travelling circuses is now BANNED in Wales as of today (1 December) – following a successful campaign by the RSPCA.

Under the Wild Animals and Circuses (Wales) Act, it is now an offence for wild animals to be performed or exhibited in a travelling circus in Wales.

The RSPCA has campaigned for years for this ban to come into force in Wales – with the relevant powers to do this devolved some 14 years … Continue reading…

Two blackbirds have been returned to the wild after being rescued in Cardigan.   

RSPCA officers were alerted after the duo were found as fledglings in their nest in a recycling skip without parent birds. It was unclear where the nest had originally been built.

A member of the public had taken the blackbirds to Tinker’s Hill Bird of Prey & Swan Rescue Centre, before they came into the care of the RSPCA.

Fortunately, there were no welfare concerns with the … Continue reading…

A swan had an unwanted trip to soft play – after getting a discarded foam play square stuck around her neck on Wednesday (July 1).

RSPCA Cymru raced to the aid of the swan, after her plight was spotted by a member of the public at a lake near Rhydwen Close in Rhyl.

Fortunately, the swan was uninjured and the foam could be safely removed and the bird immediately returned to the wild.

However, the swan was in “urgent need … Continue reading…