An “unusually early” seal rescue from the RSPCA has marked the beginning of the season for the animal welfare charity in a busy part of Wales. 

In 2017/18, RSPCA officers in the West and South West of Wales rescued in excess of 100 seals, and are bracing themselves for another potentially busy period.

The first seal of the new season has now come into the charity’s care, after the moulted pup was taken in by Welsh Marine Life Rescue, having … Continue reading…

A seal rescued in “some of the most dramatic circumstances imaginable” in Port Talbot has been returned to the wild by the RSPCA, following six months of rehabilitation.

Video footage captured the heartwarming moment the seal was returned to the wild, after playing the starring role in one of the most high-profile rescues undertaken by the RSPCA in 2017.

The animal welfare charity had led a multi-agency operation in November to save the seal. She had become trapped amid heavy … Continue reading…

A dramatic seal pup rescue has been completed in Port Talbot, which an RSPCA Cymru inspector has described as the “most technical” he has ever been involved with.

The seal pup was trapped between heavy rocks and boulders by a sea wall near the town’s steelworks – known locally as ‘Aberavon Pier’.

Access to the seal was exceptionally difficult, and the rescue took significant planning – including detailed consultation with specialists as to what engineering options may exist.

RSPCA Cymru … Continue reading…

Some 220 Manx shearwaters were rescued in West Wales by RSPCA Cymru last week, following stormy weather conditions – and the public are being urged to be on the look-out for more.

The new figure follows an initial rescue operation on Newgale beach, where some 144 of the seabirds were saved following a mass landing.

Rescue efforts continued – with a further 50 seabirds rescued from Pembrokeshire’s Druidstone beach, in addition to many more on Tenby’s beaches, and some found … Continue reading…

An otter has been returned to the wild in the Llandovery area, after a period of rehabilitation with RSPCA Cymru.

Video footage captures the moment the otter was returned to the wild, after a one-month spell in RSPCA care.

The otter was reported to the charity after being found by a member of the public on 17 April, curled up in a puddle of water from a pressure hose.

She was very weak, quiet and extremely tired – and was … Continue reading…