A chinchilla has been rescued by the RSPCA after being abandoned in a food waste bin in Warwick.

A member of the public contacted the animal charity after finding the small animal in the bin on the roadside, next to a bus stop in Emscote Road.

Thankfully the chinchilla was in a good body condition, however he did not have any food or water left with him.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) Ben Jones said: “The person who found the … Continue reading…

The RSPCA in Coventry has launched a fundraising appeal for a dog who survived being in a hot car – but now needs a heart scan.

Shortly after coming into the RSPCA’s care over the summer, two-year-old Sheldon was diagnosed with a grade 5 heart murmur – which urgently needs looking into further to find out what is causing it.

The heart scan will cost £1,000 – and the RSPCA’s Coventry branch, which is ran independently from the national RSPCA, … Continue reading…

This photo shows the moment a terrified dog was rescued by the RSPCA after being tied up to a gate and abandoned in the middle of a field at night.

The dog was spotted by a member of the public in the field, in Blythe Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, on the evening of Friday, 25 August.

They contacted the RSPCA, and Inspector Mike Scargill attended to rescue the dog, a male Staffordshire bull terrier.

The dog was so terrified and untrusting … Continue reading…

A rabbit and her five babies are recovering after they were rescued from a building site in Warwickshire.

The RSPCA was contacted by builders after spotting the nursing mum at a development site in Church Walk, Atherstone, on Monday last week (10 July).

Animal Collection Officer Cara Gibbon, who attended to pick up the rabbits, said: “The mum had managed to bury herself underneath some woodwork which was part of a structure of a new house. As soon as I … Continue reading…

An RSPCA rescue dog who desperately needed life-saving heart surgery is due to star on the small screen in Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers show presented by Alan Davies this week.

Five-year-old terrier Molly had a heart block, which meant that her heart could not beat properly. Without a pacemaker, the condition would have eventually killed her.

A fundraising appeal was launched by the RSPCA’s Coventry branch in February to pay for the surgery – with the £2,500 target being … Continue reading…