An RSPCA officer arrived to their van after tending to horse welfare issues – only to find their windscreen had been smashed in broad daylight.

RSPCA inspector Christine McNeil returned to her van on Wentloog Avenue in Cardiff, last Thursday (7 February), to find the act of vandalism had been committed. The windscreen was smashed between 5pm and 5.30pm.

The animal welfare charity say the incident underlines the ‚Äúchallenging, difficult conditions and circumstances‚ÄĚ which they face while on the frontline … Continue reading…


We’re appealing for information after a man was spotted pulling a dog behind a moving van on Catton Road, Walton upon Trent, South Derbyshire.

The man was sitting on the floor of the van with the back doors open and was holding a tan-coloured boxer dog or bull terrier type dog by a lead. The van was moving, forcing the dog to run along behind it.

A passing motorist took a photo of the incident as they were about … Continue reading…