A cat stuck on a small ledge on a viaduct in Stockport, 90ft from the ground, has been safely rescued by officers from the RSPCA and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service today.


The cat was reported to the RSPCA late on Wednesday afternoon (20 November) after being spotted by a member of the public.


RSPCA inspector Heather Morris said: “He was 90ft off the ground and 5ft down from the top of the viaduct, so it was … Continue reading…

Staff at the RSPCA’s first in-store Adoption Centre at Pets at Home, Stockport are urging groups who are interested in learning about pet care to get in touch.


They have started to host pre-arranged visits from small groups of children and adults alike and are offering to go out and do talks at other venues too.


Anne Corbishley, who manages the Adoption Centre, said: “We’ve already had some interest and are hoping for a lot more.


“The … Continue reading…