RSPCA Cymru and the same team of Cardiff firefighters twice came to the aid of gulls stricken by guttering on Monday (20 July). 

The animal welfare charity was alerted after a gull chick was spotted stuck in the gutters of a supermarket in the Heath area of the city.

Animal collection officer (ACO) Fiona Thomas enlisted the help of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service’s Ely White Watch, who were able to reach the gull utilising ladders – shortly … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru and the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service teamed up to come to the aid of a cat stuck up a tree in the St Mellons area of Cardiff.

The cat – named Panthro, after the Thundercats star – spent 36 hours stuck in the tree in the garden of his Jonquil Close home.

RSPCA Cymru officers continue to respond to emergencies amid the coronavirus outbreak – coming to the aid of animals like Panthro.

The height at … Continue reading…

An aptly-named kitten has been saved from turbulent Storm Doris winds, after spending 24-hours in a Maesteg tree.

The male kitten, named Topper, was stuck 50-feet up atop a tree in the Metcalfe Street area of the town, and unable to get back down to safety.

RSPCA Cymru enlisted the support of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, who cut down the tree and Topper has now been reunited with her owner.

The rescue took place on Saturday 25 … Continue reading…