We have released photos of two of our cutest residents – George and Elton – in the hope of encouraging people to adopt a kitten rather than buy one.

These two were found abandoned in a shed in Osterley, West London on 1 August. They were just a few weeks old and barely alive.

Since coming to our Putney Animal Hospital, RSPCA vet nurse Katrina Devita has been hand-rearing them at home. This is because a hospital environment … Continue reading…

The white and tabby baby cat, named Kit, is the sole survivor of five newborns found inside the engine of a van in Hoxton, London at the end of February. It is thought his mum gave birth in this engine then, unbeknown to the driver, travelled with her kittens all the way from Essex.

Chantelle McLaren-Smith, the member of the public who found them, said: β€œOne of the kittens fell out as we walked past the van and we then … Continue reading…


Dedicated animal welfare supporter dies after many years of stalwart support for us and our South London Animal Hospital

We were saddened to learn of the death of Angela Cope OBE, aged 97, on October 28.

Angela was an RSPCA honorary vice-president – one of only four people to currently hold the position – recognising her continued commitment to animal welfare and to us – and in particular her work for the Putney RSPCA Animal Hospital in South London…. Continue reading…