We have welcomed the launch of a new study into the puppy trade across Europe, amid concerns of poor welfare standards and breeding practices.

We have concerns that dogs and cats within some EU member states are being bred irresponsibly and with welfare standards that fall well below even the minimum standards in the UK.

Joe Moran, our senior parliamentary adviser for Europe, said he hopes the new study by the European Commission could be the first step towards … Continue reading…

A puppy with a broken right leg and a serious wound to its left leg has been dumped on the pavement outside a vets in Leighton Buzzard in the middle of the night.

The puppy, who is believed to be a Spaniel/Jack Russell cross, was left on the pavement in the dark in the middle of an industrial estate off Grovebury Road with no shelter and no food and water.


It is believed to be about four months old … Continue reading…

She may only be just eight weeks old but already little Fleur has endured more in her short life than many animals will ever face in a lifetime.


Little Fleur was born with a hole in her heart and will also need to have one of her legs amputated due to a deformity.


But despite having to deal with these terrible health issues, RSPCA staff say Fleur is a unique bundle of fun – who they desperately want … Continue reading…