Ziggy, the dog shot with a crossbow who warmed the hearts of the public, is on the road to recovery after narrowly escaping with his life.

The two-year-old Staffy was found with the 20 inch carbon fibre bolt going through his head a week ago today (Wednesday, 22 October) in remote woods near Wansford, Peterborough.

It was touch-and-go during the delicate operation to remove the bolt but vets were able to “slowly-slowly”  pull it out. Incredibly, it had deflected … Continue reading…


English mastiff Barry was first brought into our South Godstone Animal Centre in January 2012 after being abused as a young puppy.

He was rehomed in June that year but unfortunately his new owners’ circumstances changed. So this January he found himself back at the centre.

He has since had a cruciate ligament operation and was just waiting to find the right person.

We were determined not to give up on brave Barry and launched a national appeal to Continue reading…