The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat was shot in the eye in Nottinghamshire.

Mittens, a three-year-old grey and black male tabby, was found by his owner Linda Miran with an eye injury last Monday morning.

Linda, thinking Mittens had been in a fight or had conjunctivitis, took him to the vets, where a pellet was discovered in his bottom eyelid.

Linda, of Inham Road, Chilwell, said: “I let Mittens out on Sunday evening, and on Monday morning … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat was dumped in a Tesco store in Nottingham city centre.

A man with his hood up walked into the Tesco Metro store in the Victoria Centre at 6.30pm on Saturday 2 January and put the blue carrier containing the cat next to the counter, before walking away.

The black and white female cat – thought to be aged about two – is in good health and is currently in the RSPCA’s … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat in Mansfield died from anti-freeze poisoning.

Bo, a three-year-old female tabby, pictured right, died from kidney failure, which can be associated with ingestion of poisonous substances. A vet examination found that she had ingested anti-freeze.

Her owner, Kevin Willis, of Princess Avenue, in Forest Town, Mansfield, said she seemed lethargic on Friday (September 18). Mr Willis, 60, knew the symptoms of suspected poisonings after losing two cats to it last year … Continue reading…


We are appealing for information after four dead cats were found in separate plastic bags, dumped in a playing field at Broxtowe, Nottingham.

The bodies were discovered on the morning of Sunday 10 November, in Woodfield Park Recreation Ground, Woodfield Road, Broxtowe, Nottingham.

The four adult cats had been individually placed in Morrisons plastic shopping bags.

They were found by a member of the public who contacted us.

RSPCA Inspector Tina McAdam attended the incident and took the bodies … Continue reading…


We are appealing for information after a three-week-old lamb was the victim of a horrendous act of animal cruelty in which her ears were cut clean off. 

The shocking incident took place overnight between May 5 and 6, in Gotham, Nottinghamshire.

RSPCA Inspector Susan Hammond was called to attend the incident and said that the lamb’s ears had been cut off cleanly close to her head.

She said:

“This is absolutely horrific and I cannot believe that someone would

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