The RSPCA is calling for people to be aware of the dangers of littering after a hedgehog in Hampshire died from an infection from wounds caused by an elastic band.

The young hedgehog was found last Wednesday (18 November) stumbling around in an unusual manner in daylight by a mother and daughter in Basingstoke, Hampshire, who, concerned for the animal’s welfare, contacted the RSPCA for help.

RSPCA inspector Nikki Denham took the sick animal to Hart Wildlife Hospital near Alton … Continue reading…

RSPCA helps sika swing out of harm’s way

Deer rescued after becoming entangled in child’s swing


The RSPCA rescued a sika deer entangled by a child’s swing which had become wrapped around his antlers in Wool, Dorset at the weekend.


The deer was first spotted earlier this month with the red plastic seat and blue nylon rope, cotton rope and fixing bolts all tangled around his antlers.  Members of the public in Wool saw the deer but at … Continue reading…

Litter warning after duck caught with bottle fastener in beak


The RSPCA is asking people to be careful when disposing of litter after a duck had to be rescued in Hatfield on Monday (2 February).


The mallard was spotted in the grounds of the Mill Green Museum and Mill by concerned members of staff.


He had a plastic bottle fastener around the top of his beak and head.


RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Kate Wright was … Continue reading…


A seal rescued by us from a marina in Suffolk last week has sadly died after a fish hook was found in his stomach.

The male common seal was spotted at Beccles quay – about 10 miles inland – in an underweight, lethargic and disorientated state.

After a couple of attempts at rescue, a team of four of our inspectors succeeded in catching the large mammal and putting him on a stretcher on Wednesday (6 November) so he could … Continue reading…


A hedgehog has had a lucky escape after getting completely entangled in a badminton court net.

The prickly mammal was rescued by us after being found in a garden in Whatley, near Chard in Somerset last Thursday (August 29) by a member of the public.

The net was so tightly wound around him it was caught in his spines and in his mouth. It is not known how long he had been like this but he had been unable … Continue reading…