A baby otter has been rescued by the RSPCA after he was found in a garden in Leighton Buzzard – half a kilometer away from the nearest river.

It’s not known how the otter managed to find his way to the garden, in Southcott Village, but when he was found on Tuesday evening (2 January) he looked disorientated.

Thankfully he was not injured, however due to him being so young he was taken to a wildlife hospital where he will … Continue reading…

The RSPCA reunited a snake missing for three months with her owner – after she was spotted under the neighbour’s washing machine.

The animal welfare charity received a call from a surprised member of the public after they found the 3ft corn snake poking out from under his washing machine at 4am on Thursday (23 June).

When Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Kate Wright arrived at the block of flats – Ashwell Place, in Ashwell Street, Leighton Buzzard – the snake … Continue reading…

Six ducklings which had gotten trapped in a drain were safely reunited with their mum after being rescued by the RSPCA.

The RSPCA were called after the ducklings were spotted by a member of the public in Knave’s Hill, in Leighton Buzzard, on Friday, 27 May.

The mother duck was walking around the drain when Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Grace Mead arrived.

ACO Mead said: “Myself and two members of the public were determined to get them out, so we … Continue reading…