An “alarming” number of reports were received by the RSPCA about animals being targeted by air weapons and rifles over the last 18 months – despite lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions keeping people at home for long periods.

Since the beginning of 2020, 371 incidents have been reported to the RSPCA where the caller believed an air gun or rifle had been used to target an animal.

However, it is believed the total number of incidents will be substantially higher – … Continue reading…

ThA is reminding people about the dangers of litter after a hedgehog had to be rescued when she got her head stuck tight in a smashed glass bottle.

A member of the public contacted the animal welfare charity after spotting the hedgehog struggling in Lambe Close, Snodland, Kent.

Inspector David Grant collected the hedgehog, who had the top of a smashed bottle wedged tightly round her head. He managed to safely free the hog before taking her to the RSPCA’s … Continue reading…

Kittens Wilbur and Orville were abandoned

RSPCA appeal for information after cats were found riddled with fleas and callously left with no food or water on a chilly morning in Kent

Two young cats were abandoned in a sealed cardboard box and dumped on a playing field in Sheerness on Wednesday morning (20 September)


The 16-week-old black kittens were found when a dog walker saw the cardboard box, which had been left in the middle of the football pitch on New Road, suddenly move.

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The RSPCA is appealing for information after a sick and starving dog was found abandoned in Snodland, Kent.

The four-year-old male boxer was found running loose at a disused water plant in Ham Hill on Monday evening (November 2) by a walker who called the RSPCA and took him to a nearby vet.

He was very thin, starving and thirsty. He also had a large, bloody wound on the back of his neck and an open, bleeding tumour on his … Continue reading…

A fox had a lucky escape last week when she was found and rescued from a closed industrial waste bin at a church.

The wild mammal was found trapped inside the bin at Bromley Methodist Church in College Road in Bromley, Kent at around 10am on Saturday, 12 September. The lid of the bin was closed and so heavy that she would not have had the strength to lift it by herself.

RSPCA inspector Natasha Wallis said: “This fox had … Continue reading…