We have co-ordinated the dramatic rescue of a young female calf who fell a hundred feet over a cliff during a landslip.

The heifer, a seven-month-old Dexter, became stranded in an inaccessible cove below the Lizard lighthouse in Cornwall.

Although the calf miraculously appeared relatively unharmed, planning her rescue would take several days. So, wet hay was dropped over the cliff to ensure the calf had adequate food and hydration while the rescue was worked out.

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A cat has been rescued after being stuck at the top of a 40 foot high pole carrying high voltage power lines for more than 24 hours.

The cat’s owners contacted the RSPCA to help rescue two-year-old black and white Vince.

RSPCA Inspector Tony Woodley was called to the incident in Gibbs Brook Lane, Oxted in Surrey:

“As soon as I got there I realised we needed specialist help, as the pole was so high and carrying a number

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