A lorry driver who found an injured kitten stuck inside the engine of his 44-tonne articulated lorry managed to free the frightened feline – and is hoping to take him home!


Anthony Anderson was uncoupling his lorry in Washington, in Tyne & Wear, when he heard a meowing coming from inside the vehicle.


He said: “Earlier in the day I’d been tipping the lorry in Hartlepool and saw two cats run underneath my cab. I saw one run … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a Lurcher cross was found abandoned in Burnley with ‘horrific’ injuries consistent with having been used for hunting.

The dog was first spotted tied to a tree on a lane off Brownside Road at around 6am on Monday morning (9 October).


RSPCA inspector Lyndsey Taylor (pictured) said: “Seeing him again at 9.30am, a member of the public went to investigate and found him to have numerous injuries. They cut him free and … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat was attacked by five youths in Middlesbrough, leaving her with a dislocated hip.


The teenagers were witnessed kicking and spitting at the young black cat in Union Street at around 10pm last Monday (27 February).


RSPCA inspector Krissy Raine said: “A member of the public saw what was happening and intervened.


“They said the teenagers – five of them in total, all male and wearing tracksuits  - kicked … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information about a goose seen being attacked outside a pub in York.


We were called on Saturday, 15 August with reports of a man violently kicking the wild bird outside the Lowther Pub at Kings Staith, just after midnight. It is suspected that he may have caused an injury to the bird’s leg.


Unfortunately by the time the inspector arrived at the scene, the goose had returned to the water and could not … Continue reading…

Fenn trapped cat_Cheltenham

The RSPCA is appealing to find the owner of a trap after a domestic cat got caught and injured by one in Cheltenham.

Steven Davies, the RSPCA animal welfare officer who helped the cat, said: “It was quite a sight to behold – the cat was found by a member of the public wandering down the road with this huge mechanical trap on his head and was clearly in distress.

“The cat was taken to the vets where he was … Continue reading…