The RSPCA has praised Marks & Spencer’s “fantastic commitment to animal welfare” as it becomes the first major retailer to exclusively stock slower-growing, higher welfare chicken across its fresh produce range. 

In a first-of-its-kind move, M&S will expand its slower-growing, higher welfare chicken stock to cover all of its fresh chicken products by Autumn 2022.

All M&S fresh chicken will also be labelled RSPCA Assured – the charity’s dedicated farm animal welfare assurance scheme, promoting better welfare outcomes throughout a … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru is concerned that gene edited farm foods could soon find their way onto shelves in Wales – even if the Welsh Government doesn’t want to allow its production.

In England, the UK Government is consulting on allowing the gene editing of farm animals – something the RSPCA has serious animal welfare and ethical concerns about.

Under the proposals, the production of gene edited farm animals could soon be permitted in England, and sold to consumers – because they … Continue reading…

An RSPCA wildlife centre is appealing for donations of dog food to help feed baby birds currently in its care.

Stapeley Grange, in Nantwich, currently has hundreds of baby birds – some of which require a diet of ‘meaty loaf’ dog food to help them grow.

With a food bill which costs £50,000 a year, the centre is appealing for animal-lovers to donate food.

Lee Stewart, manager at Stapeley Grange, said: “We are at the time of year when we … Continue reading…