A six-year-old cat has been rescued from a tight squeeze in Flint, after falling eight foot down a tiny gap between a shed and a fence.

The RSPCA was alerted after the white female domestic cat – named Snowy – is believed to have fallen down the gap from the roof of a shed at a Cwrt Malengell property in the Oakenholt area of the town.

Unfortunately, the poor cat was unable to pull herself to safety – and was … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru has launched an urgent appeal for information, after a male Bengal cat from Flint suffered horrendous injuries after being shot with a pellet gun on New Year’s Eve.

The charity was called after the cat – named Jester, from Albert Avenue – was found in an awful state, with his back legs collapsed. He was taken to a local veterinary practice for urgent treatment, where his legs were found to have become paralysed.

He has a pellet near … Continue reading…

The power of Facebook has reunited a North Wales cat with its owner, after they were separated for an unbelievable ten weeks.

An injured tabby-and-white stray cat, named Beatrix, was collected by RSPCA Cymru on 4 November; found walking on three legs and in need of veterinary care in the Sychdyn, Mold area.

It was later discovered that the cat had first gone missing from her Flint home on 13 September.

Following treatment, which included antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication, the … Continue reading…