A tiny kitten who was on the verge of death has been safely rescued by the RSPCA and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service from a derelict boarded-up house – after worried neighbours reported hearing her “screaming the street down” in the days before being found.

The emaciated kitten was extremely weak when the RSPCA and the fire service prised off the door from the crumbling building in Stonehill Street, Liverpool, on Saturday (7 October).

She was found huddled in a … Continue reading…

A deer who had got himself tangled in wire around a tree was safely freed after a joint rescue operation between the RSPCA and Cheshire Fire Service.

A member of the public reported the struggling deer to the RSPCA on Friday morning (1 September), after he was  spotted in a field in Dry Knowle, Wildboarclough, in Macclesfield.

When RSPCA inspector Heather Morris arrived, she saw that he had got his antlers caught up in electric fencing wire tangled around a … Continue reading…

A cat who was left clinging onto a branch at the top of a 60ft-high tree in windy weather was rescued in a joint operation between the RSPCA and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

A member of the public contacted the animal welfare charity after spotting the puss up the tree in Brackenwood Mews, Wilmslow.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer Steve Wickham attended but quickly realised that the fire service would be needed as the cat was so high up.

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A Harris Hawk has been rescued from a Swansea tree, following joint action from RSPCA Cymru and the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

The bird was spotted by a passer-by on 14 March; stuck upside down in a silver birch tree in the Townhill area.

Sadly, the bird’s jesses had become intertwined in branches, leaving the Harris Hawk trapped approximately 25-feet up the tree.

RSPCA Cymru attended, and enlisted the support of Mid and West Wales Fire … Continue reading…

A terrified cat has been rescued from a tree in Nantymoel, near Bridgend, after joint action from RSPCA Cymru and South Wales Fire & Rescue Service.

Rhubarb became trapped around 20 feet up a tree on Wednesday (12 October). Though the cat was in good health and responsive, he appeared both rigid and scared and was hardly moving.

There were further concerns about the welfare of the cat, due to the speed of winds, meaning the top of the tree … Continue reading…