RSPCA Cymru has launched an appeal for information, following the death of a Church Village cat in suspicious circumstances.

The charity was alerted after a three-year old cat, named Vig, sadly passed away suddenly on Friday evening (15 September), having been seen vomiting. He was showing no ill effects before the incident.

It is feared Vig may have been poisoned, after another cat on the same street became unwell at the same time and is undergoing veterinary treatment.

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Seven newborn kittens have been found dumped “heartlessly” in a carrier bag in Abercynon.

RSPCA Cymru has launched an appeal for information, after the shocking discovery was made by a member of the public on Wednesday (16 August).

Two of the seven kittens were found dead, while another – initially seen to be gasping – later sadly passed away. A mother cat to the kittens was nowhere to be seen.

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An appeal for information has been launched by RSPCA Cymru, after a cat was abandoned in a taped-up cardboard box in an A548 lay-by.

The female tabby cat, with white chest and feet, was found on the coast road, near Mostyn, Holywell. The cat was rescued on Friday evening (August 11).

She was left in a cardboard box which had ‘Bristol Laboratories Ltd’ printed on it, contained two purple and white pillow cases and smelled very strongly of cigarette smoke. … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru has rescued a number of tiny Wrexham kittens, which were so young that their umbilical cords were still attached.

The kittens, likely feral, were rescued on separate incidences – with the first two saved by the charity last Tuesday (8 August), and two more on Thursday (10 August).

Last Tuesday,  RSPCA inspectors Kia Thomas and Tim Jones, were called to Wrexham Industrial Estate, where a kitten less than 24-hours-old had been spotted, amid heavy machinery and traffic dangers. … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru teamed-up with a local tree surgeon to rescue a cat trapped 50-feet up a New Inn tree.

The cat was spotted by a member of the public, on Heol Derwen, up a towering giant Ash tree.

RSPCA Cymru enlisted the help of Lee Symes, of Lee Symes Tree Services, who spent 90 minutes on Sunday afternoon (13 August) working to safely remove the torbie-and-white cat from the tree.

The cat is exceptionally friendly, and is doing well after … Continue reading…