An Ebbw Vale resident found an unexpected visitor at their home – after making the shock discovery of a three-foot snake in a kitchen gas meter.

RSPCA officers were alerted after the reptile – a kingsnake – was found in the gas meter of a flat on Mill Terrace in Cwm on Monday (4 June).

An animal collection officer attended the property to rescue the snake, who has now been transferred to a specialist centre in the West Midlands  - … Continue reading…

A kitten was rescued by the RSPCA after being abandoned in a plastic box on a Dudley street – and then named Angel because of distinctive ‘wing’ markings on her body.

The five-month-old tabby kitten was found by a member of the public in Grazebrook Road on Tuesday evening (20 December). She was found shivering in the plastic box, which had been lined with a blanket.

RSPCA Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) Elaine Williams said that Angel was lucky to have … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is investigating after a cat lost an eye when he was shot with an air rifle in Dudley.

Milo, an 18-month-old black longhair cat, returned to his home in Somery Road with the injuries on the evening of Sunday, 15 May.

His owner, Laurie Haywood, immediately took him to a vet, where she was told that his eye could not be saved.

Laurie said: “Milo only recently started going outside three months ago and he didn’t venture far, … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a dog with a severe skin condition was found near a Dudley nature reserve.

The ten-month-old female English bull terrier was picked up by a dog warden at Fens Pool, in Bryce Road, Brierley Hill, on Monday, 4 January, with the RSPCA becoming involved due to the dog having severe mange.

Mange is caused by parasitic mites and causes itching, hair loss, scabs and lesions.

The dog – named Sky – is microchipped … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after three swans were found dead at a nature reserve.

The swans – which were all aged around two – were found by a member of the public at Fens Pool Nature Reserve, in Dudley, two weeks ago.

Their deaths have not been explained and there were no obvious wounds on their bodies.

RSPCA inspector Kelly Lake said: “We do not know if these swans died maliciously or whether this is natural, but due … Continue reading…