We have warned that the threat of rabies in Britain could go up 60 fold, after calls we received about puppy trade went up by 33 per cent last year.

Following our report showing the huge rise in the numbers of dogs being imported from eastern Europe, MPs are now discussing measures to halt this illegal trade before an outbreak of disease, such as rabies.

MPs will discuss the increasing problems of the European puppy trade during a 10 … Continue reading…


A rescue cat left dumped in a box outside a shop has proved to be the purrrrrrfect pet by raising the alarm when her young owner’s blood sugar levels dip to dangerous levels.

Pippa was adopted by the Jansa family  from our Canterbury, Dover and District Branch last year, who were won over by her friendly nature and sociable character.

Little did they know the black-and-white cat would give them more than just love and cuddles. Pippa appears to … Continue reading…

We warn of increase in live animals destined for slaughter


We’ve reiterated our calls for greater checks on live animals bound for France, as exports increase in the lead up to the annual Eid festival.

Yesterday seven lorry loads of live animals went through the port of Dover  and were loaded onto the boat, the Joline, which is carrying sheep that we believe will be slaughtered without pre-stunning for use in the religious festival of Eid.

The trade in … Continue reading…


We are calling on the government to follow its own guidance on the export of live farm animals after new information revealed welfare checks apparently not being carried out in line with government commitments.

Nine months ago Animal Welfare Minister David Heath MP changed the welfare checks required to export live animals to the continent. He said every consignment would be checked at loading and a proportion again at the port of departure until the government were entirely satisfied … Continue reading…


Protesters report concerns about sheep due for live transport

The controversial live transport trade received another blow this week (Wednesday, 4 September) after a lorry full of sheep bound for the continent was turned away from the port of Dover, after four animal health officials boarded a lorry following concerns about an “exceptional” smell.

According to reports, a protester close to the road became concerned that the animals looked unwell and that an “exceptional” smell was emanating from the Continue reading…