An RSPCA Cymru staff member locked himself in a hot car to experience the dangers dogs face when left in vehicles in warmer conditions.

RSPCA media relations officer Chris O’Brien spent just over 26 minutes locked in a stationary vehicle last Friday (29 June) – and the temperature sky-rocketed from 23.3°C to more than 57°C degrees.

The video – shot over a series of updates – shows the temperature inside the car increase to over 35°C after five minutes, 43.6°C … Continue reading…


Dog owners have been urged to keep their pets cool to avoid the heartbreak of losing a much-loved companion.

With weather forecasts predicting that temperatures could soar over the next few days, we have issued our regular appeal to owners to keep their dogs safe in the sun.

Hot cars can be death traps

RSPCA chief vet James Yeates said:

“A hot car can be a death trap for dogs, it’s as simple as that. Leaving your dog in

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We’re urging people not to bring dogs to Appleby Horse Fair, Cumbria during the annual Gypsy and Traveller event, which starts today (Thursday, 5 June).

Despite repeatedly advising people of the dangers, we rescued a German Shepherd dog from a hot car last year. The owner was convicted of two offences, banned from keeping dogs and ordered to pay £10,000 in costs. The previous year two dogs were removed from hot cars. Their owners received cautions.

Dogs die in … Continue reading…


We have released a list of the silliest calls we have received this summer in a bid to discourage time wasters.

The number of telephone calls to our 24-hour Cruelty telephone line has risen by a whopping 65 per cent since last January, and we are asking the public to show patience as we prioritise the workload.

Although the number of calls to the 0300 1234 999 helpline increases each year during the summer months, this year has … Continue reading…