RSPCA Cymru has urged families thinking of getting a puppy this summer to consider the benefits of adopting a rescue dog – as shocking new figures reveal reports received by the charity about puppy trade concerns in Wales have soared 330% in the last decade.

Advice has been issued to prospective dog owners as the bombshell new figures reveal that the murky puppy trade is a growing problem in Wales.

RSPCA dog welfare expert Lisa Hens said: “It is distressing … Continue reading…


We have warned that the threat of rabies in Britain could go up 60 fold, after calls we received about puppy trade went up by 33 per cent last year.

Following our report showing the huge rise in the numbers of dogs being imported from eastern Europe, MPs are now discussing measures to halt this illegal trade before an outbreak of disease, such as rabies.

MPs will discuss the increasing problems of the European puppy trade during a 10 … Continue reading…