Dog owners have been reminded that electric shock collars are “dangerous” and “illegal” in Wales, after RSPCA Cymru received reports of a dog walker using a device in the grounds of the Grange University Hospital in Cwmbran. 

The animal welfare charity was alerted after a member of the public reported seeing an electric collar used numerous times on a young dog outside the Cwmbran hospital on 21 June.

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Two badgers who were saved in “dramatic circumstances” from the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal have been returned to the wild after a period of rehabilitation with the RSPCA.

RSPCA Cymru say the release marked “another happy ending”, following a rescue which one officer had labelled her most “bizarre and unusual day” in 15 years on the frontline.

Video footage captures the heart-warming moment the badgers were safely returned to the Cwmbran area.

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An RSPCA officer has labelled helping two badgers trapped on a ladder in a Torfaen canal as “the most bizarre and unusual” day in her 15 years on the frontline. 

The animal welfare charity teamed up with firefighters from the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to help two badgers, who had – unfathomably – got stuck between metal steps and the wall, on Pentre Lane over the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal in Cwmbran.

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The RSPCA has teamed-up with firefighters to rescue a cat stuck hopelessly up a tree in Cwmbran, as emergency responses for animals continue amid the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Officers from the animal welfare charity were alerted after the cat was spotted in a field just off Birch Grove in the South Wales town.

RSPCA Cymru enlisted the help of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to come to the cat’s aid on 25 March.

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A dead royal python has been found in the Cwmbran area, with bruising on the head and body of the animal.

RSPCA Cymru has launched an appeal for information after the discovery of a still, injured snake was made by a member of the public on 30 December, at Wool Pitch in the Greenmeadow area of the town.

An RSPCA officer collected the two-foot long snake; and veterinary examination sadly confirmed the animal was dead.

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