Commenting on the publication of the final version of Wales’ new school curriculum – announced today (28 January) – the RSPCA’s head of prevention & education, Dave Allen said:

“Wales’ new curriculum offers fantastic opportunities to nurture kindness, develop well-rounded citizens and encourage compassion in young people – including to Wales’ animals.

“The RSPCA has long called for animal welfare education to be featured on the school curriculum. We believe the Welsh Government’s focus on specific areas of learning and … Continue reading…

The Welsh Government’s ongoing curriculum review offers a “perfect opportunity” to inspire a kinder generation, who are empathetic towards all sentient beings.

That’s the message from RSPCA Cymru – who have responded this week to the Welsh Government’s consultation on a new draft curriculum for Wales.

Proposals would see traditional Key Stages in Wales replaced with Progression Steps, and the curriculum based around six Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLEs).

RSPCA Cymru have long called for animal welfare to be … Continue reading…