Merthyr is set to become the only area in Wales where a council-ban on the release of sky lanterns is not in force.

RSPCA Cymru has long campaigned for a ban on the release of sky lanterns, which can have deadly consequences for pets, farm animals and wildlife.

Sky lanterns – which are lifted into the air via an open flame heat source – can be ingested by animals, or cause entanglement or entrapment. This can lead to unsuspecting animals … Continue reading…

A Carmarthenshire dog believed to have been straying for an incredible two-year period has been rescued by RSPCA Cymru, after being hit by a car.

The charity worked with Dyfed-Powys Police to catch the dog, after it had become injured in a road traffic collision in the Whitland area on 5 January.

It later emerged that the dog is known to have been a stray dog for a staggering period of time – following the death of his owner approximately … Continue reading…


RSPCA members have voted in five new members to the ruling council.

Following the recent RSPCA National Council election, the following members have been elected to serve for the next three years with effect from 14 June 2014.

  • Mr Adrian Donno
  • Mr Christopher Laurence
  • Mrs Sally Phillips
  • Mr Joseph Piccioni
  • Mrs Christina Tomlinson

Peta Watson-Smith did not gain enough votes and will not be on the RSPCA council.

RSPCA chairman Mike Tomlinson said:

“I look forward to continuing to … Continue reading…


Our members are now invited to vote in the 2014 RSPCA National Council election.

Our Council comprises up to 25 volunteers elected to serve as the charity trustees of the RSPCA.

Fifteen national Council members are elected by the votes of RSPCA members and serve for three years, retiring on a rotational basis.

List of nominees

This year, there are five vacancies for national Council members to be filled and nominations have been received as follows, in alphabetical order:… Continue reading…


The following members have been elected, or re-elected, to serve as regional representative to Council for their respective regions for the next three years with effect from 10 March 2014.

  • Ms Karen Harley – South West Region
  • Miss Jean Reid – South Central Region
  • Mrs Daphne Harris – South East Region
  • Mr Bob Baylis – East Region
  • Mr Mike Tomlinson – East Midlands Region
  • Mr Paul Draycott – North West Region
  • Mr Tim Bray – Yorkshire and the North
  • Continue reading…