We are appealing for the owner of a cat found in Redditch to contact us.

The white cat, named Snowy, was found in a garden in Ash Tree Road on Monday 24 February.She was collected by us after a resident managed to confine her in their summerhouse.

Snowy had been seen in the area for some time, but she had developed a very sore looking ear wound which prompted a resident to contact us.

The cat, thought to be … Continue reading…


A homeless London moggie that weighs almost twice his recommended size is being slimmed down with the help of leading feline welfare charity Cats Protection.

The six-year-old black-and-white cat weighed in at a scales-busting 11.75 Kg when he was collected by our inspector late last year. He is being looked after by Cats Protection’s North London Adoption Centre who hope to find him a home after he has lost sufficient weight.

Sumo turned up as a stray in a … Continue reading…


We’re warning pet owners to take precautions ahead of the storms and high winds forecast for the weekend.

Heavy rain and high winds could pose a threat to all animals and we’re urging pet owners in areas predicted to be hit by storms to keep a close eye on their animals.


Take extra care in extreme weather

There have been recent media reports of cats being lifted into the air by the strong gusts in some parts of … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after two young cats were found in a taped-shut cardboard box on a doorstep in Bournemouth.


The cats, who have been named Rambo and Arnold by RSPCA staff, were found at about 4pm on Sunday 26 January.


The black and white males were found by a lady on her doorstep in Ripon Road.  They were in an Amazon box which also contained a cushion and a few dry biscuits.  A brick had … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat suffered serious internal injuries following what vets believe was a kick or kicks to his body.


Robin, a six-year-old ginger cat, returned to his home in Willoughby’s Walk in Downley, High Wycombe on Sunday 19 January.  His owner said he had been coming in and out of the house that morning and on his return he was yowling in pain and panting.


His owner immediately contacted an emergency vet.  … Continue reading…