Scampi was hit by a car which left his back legs unusable

Scampi is looking for a new forever home after being hit by a car

‘Medical marvel’ Scampi has been transformed from dragging his back legs behind him to walking with no issues.


Two-year-old Scampi was found in Manchester after it is believed he was hit by a car and suffered terrible injuries to his back legs.


The tendons attaching his knee caps to the shin bones had been ripped away rendering him completely lame and meant he had … Continue reading…

Four kittens from Poland who came into the UK on the back of a lorry are now out of quarantine and are available for rehoming.

The kittens, who have been named after ABBA stars Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid, were just two weeks old when they were found by a shocked lorry driver on his arrival in Northampton on in May.

They had survived the 1,000-mile journey, where they travelled through Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and across the … Continue reading…

Look beyond the ‘selfie’ and be selfless for animals


We’re thrilled that the plight of hard to rehome black cats has hit the news today, but would like to assure people the reasons they are difficult to rehome is complex and based on a number of key factors.

In UK folklore, black cats symbolise good luck, yet sadly in reality they are not so lucky. There is a national problem with rehoming cats of this colour and at … Continue reading…


We’re appealing for information after a cat was tied up in a duvet cover which was put inside a Lidl shopping bag and abandoned at one of our charity shops.

The young tabby cat was found by chance at the RSPCA shop on Blackstock Road in Central London on the morning of Friday, 11 July.


Abandoned in a pile of donations

The cat is thought to be around a year old and has been named Stuart Lidl by … Continue reading…

Could you help give our animals something to smile about?


We’re hoping to find forever homes for some of our moody looking residents.

While some of these animals may give the impression they are down in the dumps, they are actually some of our more colourful and lovable characters.

Two grumpy old men

Gruff Gryff and best friend Jack are often referred to as the two grumpy old men. In reality they could not be more lovable.

The two … Continue reading…