The omission of a ban of circus animals in the Queen’s Speech is ‘unacceptable’.

We’re disappointed that the UK government ministers have failed to include a ban of wild animals in circuses Bill in this year’s Queen’s Speech and have branded the omission ‘outdated.’

We, alongside other animal welfare organisations such as The Born Free Foundation, British Veterinary Association and Captive Animals’ Protection, have long been pushing for a complete ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. … Continue reading…

Poll shows 7 out of 10 people want complete end to cosmetics testing on animals


One year on from the EU sales ban on cosmetics newly tested on animals, we are calling for change worldwide.

New research shows that the public is behind this movement with 76 per cent of women and 59 per cent of men wanting to see animal testing for cosmetics completely stopped worldwide. 71 per cent say that they would prefer not to buy a … Continue reading…


We react to news that the government overestimated number of cattle herds with TB.

The revelation that the government has over stated the number of cattle herds with tuberculosis due to a computer glitch has proved, once again, the badger cull has become a complete pantomime.

Published yesterday on The Independent’s website, the government admitted that distorted data may have ‘significantly exaggerated’ the number of cattle infected by TB in Britain.

The government must now admit the cull … Continue reading…


We are marking World Day for Laboratory Animals (24 April) by challenging the Government and scientists to prove that they are genuinely committed to effective regulation of animal experiments and to reducing the use and suffering of animals.

We want an independent inquiry into the recent BUAV footage showing serious alleged breaches of animal welfare at Imperial College London.

RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant said:

“It’s all very well for the Government and organisations promoting animal research to trot

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