We have welcomed reports that the pilot badger cull have been proved to be inhumane as well as ineffective. We are calling for plans to roll the cull out further to now be dropped.

The Independent Expert Panel report shows pilot culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset proved once and for all that the badger cull is not the answer to the problems of bovine TB in cattle.

We have always warned against using the free-shooting method used during the … Continue reading…


We are urging all MPs to attend an important debate in Parliament on Wednesday (December 11) as the last opportunity to decide the future of the badger culls.

We were relieved when the government put a stop to the pilot cull in Gloucestershire last week after it became clear that their targets were not going to be reached and the trials had failed to meet the goals set by the government.

Now action is needed to stop plans to … Continue reading…


We are relieved to hear that the Government has finally come to its senses and put a stop to the badger cull in Gloucestershire three weeks early.

Sources say the cull will end at noon on Saturday rather than the 18 December date planned, after those carrying out the cull did not meet even their reduced target.

Shooters unable to meet even amended target

The initial six-week pilot cull ended in October, but was then extended for another eight … Continue reading…


We are aghast to hear the badger cull in Gloucestershire has been extended for more than double its length, which could make the problems of bovine TB in cattle worse not better.

The government has now confirmed it will extend this pilot cull by an extra eight weeks after the numbers of badgers shot were revealed as less than half the target recommended by its own research. Only 30% of badgers were killed in this area in the previous … Continue reading…


We are horrified at new figures which reveal the pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire is even more of a farce than the one in Somerset.

It has been confirmed that the number of badgers shot during the pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire is only 30 per cent of the  target they were set. This is less than half the minimum 70 per cent target set by the government itself to make sure bovine TB in cattle is not spread … Continue reading…