A European eagle owl has been found in the Aberdare area, with its owner unable to be identified – prompting an appeal for information from RSPCA Cymru.

The bird, believed to have been kept as a pet, was found on 1 November by a member of the public, and later collected by the RSPCA.

Whilst the owl had a ring on, the bird was not registered, so RSPCA Cymru is seeking information which may help in identifying the owner. The … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is warning about the dangers of glue traps after a robin had to be rescued when he got stuck on one in Luton.

The animal welfare charity was called on Thursday (18 August) after the robin was spotted on the trap in the garden of a house in Stoneygate Road.

Kate Wright, animal collection officer (ACO), attended the incident. She said: “The person who put the trap down was absolutely horrified. He had put it down because of … Continue reading…

A peregrine falcon, famous for its City Hall nesting spot, has been released safe and well into the wild after a period of rehabilitation in RSPCA care.

The bird was collected by an RSPCA officer in recent days, after it was found having flown directly into a wall.

It is from a family of peregrine falcons that have, for many years, nested at Cardiff’s City Hall watch clock tower. The birds are well-known in the Welsh capital and beyond, and … Continue reading…


We collected a pigeon from one of the most unexpected venues on Saturday 19 July,  a Royal Navy ship.

Steve, as he was named by crew members, was found in a hangar at the top of HMS Ocean.

Fledgling in need

There were no parents to be seen and a crew member took on the pigeon’s care until the ship docked a few days later. Steve is just a young fledgling and needed feeding by hand.

When the … Continue reading…


We received a very special delivery when a young puffin was found on a pavement outside a Post Office.

The forlorn looking bird was spotted by a man in Strood, Kent, and taken to a vet before being transferred to our Mallydams Wood Wildlife Centre.

The puffin, nicknamed Pat after the world’s favourite postman, has been nursed back to health and is set to be released back into the wild today.

Bel Deering, manager of RSPCA Mallydams Wood, … Continue reading…