We have co-ordinated the dramatic rescue of a young female calf who fell a hundred feet over a cliff during a landslip.

The heifer, a seven-month-old Dexter, became stranded in an inaccessible cove below the Lizard lighthouse in Cornwall.

Although the calf miraculously appeared relatively unharmed, planning her rescue would take several days. So, wet hay was dropped over the cliff to ensure the calf had adequate food and hydration while the rescue was worked out.

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RSPCA welcomes decision as ‘game changing’


We have hailed a historic decision by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to uphold a ban on seal products that are a product of the cruel seal hunting industry.

In 2010 the EU ban prohibited the trade in products from all commercial seal hunts, including those in Canada, Namibia and Norway (although it does not affect sealing by Inuit and other indigenous peoples).

Seal hunting ‘cruel and unnecessary’

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We are braced for increased calls during cold snap

We are urging farmers to get in touch if they need help with their animals caught in the predicted snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures.

With weather warnings for treacherous conditions increasing, we are seeking to reassure farmers that help is at hand and encourage them to make extra preparations in case it takes a sudden turn for the worse.

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Gordon Birtwistle, MP for Burnley & Padiham, is spending an afternoon with an RSPCA inspector this week to find out more about the animal welfare issues in his constituency.


He will spend Thursday afternoon (14 November) with RSPCA inspector and wildlife officer Lyndsey Taylor as she goes about her work responding to complaints of animal cruelty and neglect.


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The birds were left scared and abandoned in a box

Friday 1 November 2013

An incident where two chickens were left scared and abandoned in a cardboard box on a street in Porthcawl has left the RSPCA bemused.

The two chickens were found in the box outside a house in Lime Tree Way, Porthcawl last night (31/10/13). The box had been painted and was tied up like a present, lights had been attached and air holes had been cut out. … Continue reading…