We’ve launched an appeal for old towels to help orphaned seal pups recover at our East Winch Wildlife Centre.

Our centre in Norfolk is in desperate need of old towels to help provide much-needed warmth for seal pups being cared for at the hospital.

With 15 seals currently in the  intensive care unit, each being fed five times a day, and fresh towels needed every time - they are getting through up to 75 towels a day!

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There have been a record number of entries for the prestigious RSPCA and PRP Rescue Services Horse/Pony of the Year which aims to find the country’s best rescue equine.

There have already been more than 70 entries received for the competition, which is in its third year and is being held at Equifest on Saturday, 16 August.


Celebrating rescue horses and ponies at Equifest

There will be six in-hand and ridden classes for rescue horses and poniesContinue reading…


We are searching for the owner of a dog found wandering on a Goldthorpe street who was unrecognisable because of his overgrown, matted coat.

RSPCA Inspector Sara Jordan said his coat was so matted that dreadlocks had formed around his feet and behind. They were so dirty that maggots had started living in his fur.


Unbelievable transformation

Sara could not believe the transformation after the dog’s dirty fur was trimmed right

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We’re working in partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to drive forward animal welfare in a move that could help thousands of animals across England and Wales.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has committed itself to donate six brand new bespoke BlueMotion Crafter vans, which will be specially adapted for use by us. The vans will help find loving new homes for pets and seek vital rehabilitation for sick and injured wildlife.

The vans will support frontline services

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A new survey reveals over ninety-five per cent of teachers say teaching children about animal welfare would help make them more compassionate and socially aware.

Our survey has revealed that teachers are strongly in support of teaching animal welfare in the classroom. 93 per cent of respondents stated they would teach animal welfare in the classroom if they had the time.

Teaching respect and care for animals

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