Topsy-turvy deer rescued from between two walls

Muntjac wedged upside down

The RSPCA and fire service rescued a muntjac deer on Monday (16 March) after it had become wedged between two walls in Headington, Oxford.


Concerned members of the public contacted the RSPCA after hearing squealing coming from the gap between an outhouse wall and a garden wall in Stephen Road.  They initially thought the animal that was stuck fast in the tiny gap was a fox, but on … Continue reading…

Starling’s startling rescue from behind boiler

Bird flaps off to freedom

The RSPCA rescued a starling which was stuck behind a boiler on Friday (14 November).


The bird had managed to get down the flue and behind the boiler in a bungalow on Westbury Court, Hedge End, Southampton.  The first the homeowners knew of the starling was when they saw insulation material on their table and floor.


They took the front cover off the boiler unit and contacted … Continue reading…