Four stunning sparrowhawk chicks have been rescued by RSPCA Cymru, after the “balls of fluff” were found on the ground in Llanelli, away from their nesting place.

A member of the public found the chicks on Wednesday (28 June), putting them in a cardboard box and confining them, before they were collected by the RSPCA.

The cute chicks were provided temporary care by the charity in a heated cage, fed with zoolyte, before being transported to a specialist wildlife facility … Continue reading…

A kitten has been rescued by RSPCA Cymru from a Rhyl holiday park, after being attacked by gulls and dropped from the sky by one of the birds.

She was collected by an RSPCA Cymru officer from the Golden Sands Holiday Camp, at Sandy Cove after being spotted on the afternoon of 3 May.

It is believed the kitten came from a colony of feral cats based in proximity to the holiday park.

The tiny kitten, aged approximately four weeks … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru has rescued a corn snake in the Neath area – after it had hitched a lift in a van!

The snake, which is orange in colour, was found inside a van on 8 March. The vehicle had been dropped off at a scrap yard on Neath Abbey Road in the town.

Animal collection officer Ellie West rescued the snake, which is now based in a boarding establishment.

The van had come from the Bridge Street area of Neath…. Continue reading…

An unwell otter cub, rescued by RSPCA Cymru in Llandysul, was hand-reared by an officer from the charity as part of her remarkable recovery process.

Stunning video footage shows the cub during her recovery phases to date, including being fed from a bottle, and sleeping on a blanket in her temporary pen.

RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Ellie West rescued the six-week-old cub on 15 January, who was found in a very weak and lethargic state in the village of … Continue reading…

An RSPCA officer was called after reports of a baby crocodile being spotted at the side of a road in Cheshire – which turned out to be a realistic-looking plastic toy.

The animal welfare charity were contacted after the crocodile-like shape was spotted at the side of the A54, near Oakmere Road, in Winsford, on Friday (9 September).

Animal Collection Officer Lauren Bradshaw said when she arrived and saw the figure, she too thought initially that it was alive as … Continue reading…