The RSPCA is investigating after a cat was shot in the neck with an air rifle in Liverpool.

Nine-year-old Polly had to have surgery after the pellet lodged in the vertebrae of her neck, in what could have been a fatal injury.

She was taken to Alder Vets, in Eaton Road, by her worried owners after she returned home walking abnormally on Wednesday last week (23 November).

RSPCA inspector Claire Fisher said: “Polly’s owners knew instantly something was wrong, and … Continue reading…

X-ray, cat Bromsgrove

The RSPCA is appealing for help to find the owner of a one-eyed black male cat after he was the victim of a nasty air gun attack in Bromsgrove last weekend.

The cat was found in the front garden of a property in the Broad Street area of Bromsgrove and was in such a bad state that he could no longer stand up or walk. The RSPCA were called and the black neutered male was rushed to a local vets … Continue reading…