RSPCA Cymru and the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service have teamed up to come to the aid of a cat stuck on the roof of a three-story building in the Adamsdown area of Cardiff.

Inspector Gemma Black from the animal welfare charity enlisted the support of firefighters after the cat – known as Meuzza – was spotted atop the towering building on Cecil Street in the Welsh capital.

Firefighters used a hydraulic platform to reach the cat and showed … Continue reading…

An RSPCA appeal for information has been launched after a suspected double pigeon shooting in the Adamsdown area of Cardiff.

RSPCA inspector Darren Oakley was alerted after a member spotted a pigeon with an injured wing on 29 January.

The caller had safely confined the injured bird – but as inspector Oakley approached the property, he spotted another pigeon dead on the roadside.

Both birds were taken to a local veterinary practice – and X-rays revealed a pellet inside the … Continue reading…

An appeal for information has been launched by the RSPCA after three rats were found dumped in a box in the Adamsdown area of Cardiff. 

Charity officers were alerted after the rats were found in a small park off Constellation Street, during late morning on Thursday (30 August).

The rats – understood to be two female, and one male – came into the care of the RSPCA. One is undergoing facial treatment at a veterinary practice, while the other two … Continue reading…