A great spotted woodpecker was rescued by the RSPCA after getting tangled in fishing line in a tree – causing him to swing uncontrollably over a canal.


The RSPCA is releasing a video of the woodpecker to remind people about the hazards are fishing litter.

Last year, officers from the animal welfare charity rescued 697 animals from discarded fishing lines and other angling litter, such as hooks and barbs.

Luckily, the woodpecker – who was rescued from a canal in … Continue reading…

A kitten just weeks old was safely rescued after falling down a pipe and getting tightly wedged behind a wall in a shop.

A customer who was visiting the DIY shop in Bristol Road South, in Northfield, Birmingham, contacted the RSPCA and West Midlands Fire Service after hearing the distressing meows of the kitten, on Tuesday last week (13 June).

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Vic Hurr attended, and alongside the fire service they managed to cut the wall and bring … Continue reading…

A plucky kitten which had got herself wedged 8ft up a chimney was freed after a four-hour rescue operation between the RSPCA and Merseyside Fire Service.

Lola’s worried owner contacted the RSPCA after hearing the kitten making noises inside the chimney.

She had not long been adopted by her owner and, feeling timid in her new home, sought a place to hide – behind the fireplace.

“From there, she had somehow managed to climb inside the chimney – about 8ft … Continue reading…

Three orphaned birds of prey which were found helpless at the bottom of a tree are being cared back to full health at an RSPCA wildlife centre in Cheshire.

A member of the public found the baby kestrels – initially thinking they were owls – shaking and frightened in the grounds of a residential home in Doncaster, on 5 June. They were collected by an RSPCA inspector and transferred to Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre, in Nantwich, Cheshire.

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The RSPCA is appealing for information after the body of a cat was found in a picnic basket washed up on a beach at Caister-on-Sea last night (Wednesday, 13, June).

The picnic basket was found by members of the public, who opened it up and discovered the dead cat inside.

They contacted the RSPCA, who have now launched an investigation into the death.

The cat is thought to be a young adult, black and white in colour, and was wearing … Continue reading…