We are deeply saddened to learn that the pilot badger cull has begun and that hundreds of animals are now being shot in parts of Avon and Somerset, with Gloucestershire to follow soon.

We remain committed to putting a stop to this misguided attempt to control bovine TB in cattle, as we believe it will not solve the problems caused by this devastating disease.

We are also seriously concerned that the methods being used to kill the badgers are … Continue reading…


Four lorries of sheep and calves arrived at the Dover Docks this morning and sailed to Calais, with a further shipment expected later today.

Today marks the biggest shipment of animals from Dover since trade resumed from the port in May.

The lorries were loaded onto the boat, the Joline, a flat-bottomed Russian tank carrier designed to work in rivers not the open sea, in the early hours of the morning. A further shipment is expected this afternoon at … Continue reading…


Five years on from the documentary highlighting the suffering endured by many pedigree dogs not enough has been done and many dogs are still suffering needlessly.

Today marks the five year anniversary of the revealing BBC documentary ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’  which highlighted the shocking levels of suffering many pedigree dogs endure as a result of the way they are bred. We have produced a progress report, Pedigree dog breeding progress report (60KB PDF), highlighting the areas where urgent … Continue reading…


Budding young snappers keen to be crowned the winner of this year’s Young Photographer Awards (YPA 2013) need to hurry up – the deadline for the prestigious competition is just over a week away.

Hundreds of entries have already flooded in including cheeky portraits of pet kittens, snapshots of ducks splashing in the pond and even some more exotic animals such as a giraffe – but there is still time for young people to get their images in to … Continue reading…


On Friday, 9 August Anna Roberts, co-founder of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF),  sadly passed away.

Anna and her husband Peter founded CIWF in 1967 to protest the issue of factory farming based on concerns for farm animal welfare.

Today the CIWF is the leading global organisation solely devoted to improving farm animal welfare.

Our chief executive Gavin Grant, said:

 We are deeply saddened to hear about the death of Anna Roberts, the inspirational co-founder of Compassion in World

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