We are horrified at new figures which reveal the pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire is even more of a farce than the one in Somerset.

It has been confirmed that the number of badgers shot during the pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire is only 30 per cent of the  target they were set. This is less than half the minimum 70 per cent target set by the government itself to make sure bovine TB in cattle is not spread … Continue reading…

Search handler Louise Holmes who set up the Lowland Search Dogs has been nominated for a Daily Mirror and RSPCA Animal Hero award in the lifetime achievement category.

Louise and her faithful search and rescue dog Brock had only been on the job two days when they made their first and most startling find – the body of ex-weapons inspector Dr David Kelly.

Since then Louise has helped police search for hundreds of missing persons but still recalls that first … Continue reading…


We are appealing for information after a young colt was found dumped and collapsed in a field in Gloucester with a horrific leg injury.

The skewbald yearling was found in the field off Naas Lane, Brookthorpe on Saturday (12 October).  He had a large open and bleeding wound to his upper right fore leg and a swollen elbow on the same leg.  The hoof on his right hind leg was also coming away.

The horse was lying collapsed on … Continue reading…

We warn of increase in live animals destined for slaughter


We’ve reiterated our calls for greater checks on live animals bound for France, as exports increase in the lead up to the annual Eid festival.

Yesterday seven lorry loads of live animals went through the port of Dover  and were loaded onto the boat, the Joline, which is carrying sheep that we believe will be slaughtered without pre-stunning for use in the religious festival of Eid.

The trade in … Continue reading…


We are outraged at the loss of hundreds of badger’s lives in what has proved to be a ‘farcical’ pilot cull.

It has been confirmed that number of badgers shot during the pilot badger cull in Somerset is well below the target required (850 badgers have been shot in the area over the six-week trial, just over 40% of an initial target of 2,081), which could potentially make bovine TB in cattle worse not better. Now Defra have … Continue reading…