MPs agree roll out of pilot badger cull should be stopped


We are delighted MPs have at last seen sense and voted overwhelmingly to stop the roll out of the pilot badger culls.

The animal welfare charity has always maintained the badger cull was not just inhumane but would also be an ineffective way of controlling the spread of bovine TB.

Roll out of the scheme would have been a farce

It has been reported that the Independent Expert … Continue reading…

100,000 badgers under threat


We’re urging MPs to vote to save British badgers when a debate takes place in Westminster on Thursday, 13 March.

More than 1,800 badgers have already been slaughtered since August 2013 as part of the government’s misguided badger culling policy and as many as 100,000 will be under threat if it insists on going ahead with rolling out the cull.

Pilot culls ineffective and inhumane

The pilot culls in Somerset and Gloucester failed to meet … Continue reading…

Poll shows 7 out of 10 people want complete end to cosmetics testing on animals


One year on from the EU sales ban on cosmetics newly tested on animals, we are calling for change worldwide.

New research shows that the public is behind this movement with 76 per cent of women and 59 per cent of men wanting to see animal testing for cosmetics completely stopped worldwide. 71 per cent say that they would prefer not to buy a … Continue reading…


Hundreds of thousands of people have voted for the incredible dogs showcased in this years  RSPCA’s Ruffs – the dog show with a difference.

Frustrated with dog shows that prioritise looks over the health, welfare and happiness of dogs, this year the animal welfare charity launched its own alternative online dog show.

Winner of Ruffs 2014

On Sunday, 9 March the winner was chosen as Tiny, the Rottie whose incredible transformation stole people’s hearts. Just two years ago Tiny … Continue reading…


The following members have been elected, or re-elected, to serve as regional representative to Council for their respective regions for the next three years with effect from 10 March 2014.

  • Ms Karen Harley – South West Region
  • Miss Jean Reid – South Central Region
  • Mrs Daphne Harris – South East Region
  • Mr Bob Baylis – East Region
  • Mr Mike Tomlinson – East Midlands Region
  • Mr Paul Draycott – North West Region
  • Mr Tim Bray – Yorkshire and the North
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