Could you help give our animals something to smile about?


We’re hoping to find forever homes for some of our moody looking residents.

While some of these animals may give the impression they are down in the dumps, they are actually some of our more colourful and lovable characters.

Two grumpy old men

Gruff Gryff and best friend Jack are often referred to as the two grumpy old men. In reality they could not be more lovable.

The two … Continue reading…


The owner of a cat who was subject to an appalling act of cruelty in Blyth, Northumberland last week is thanking everyone involved in helping her beloved pet get home safe.

The young female cat, a Russian Blue-type now known to be called ‘Piper’, was rescued from a bottle bank at Asda on Cowpen Road on Thursday (24 April) where she had been dumped with a plastic bag over her head and all four legs tied together with elastic … Continue reading…


This St George’s Day we ask – can you resist these gorgeous Georges in need of a new home?

As today is national day for England we are hoping the Great British public can help give the animals in our care a loving home.

Trapped behind a wall

Two-year-old Georgie was originally called George until it was discovered that she is actually a female.  Georgie was rescued by our inspectors when she was found trapped behind the wall of … Continue reading…


On Tuesday 15 April Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted to strengthen two proposed European laws, which will have an impact on the lives millions of animals.

The European Commission published the two bills last year – a proposed Animal Health Law, and a new Regulation on Official Controls. Together they aim to provide a modern, simple and risk-based approach to the protection of animal and human health.

However we believed the bills did not go far enough … Continue reading…


The number of complaints about animal poisoning reported to us has increased by nearly ten per cent in the space of a year.

The figures were revealed today as we warn owners about accidentally poisoning their pets by giving them harmful treats, such as chocolate, this Easter.

We received 1,154 poisoning complaints last year from concerned members of the public. This was up from 1,055 in 2012.

It is a criminal offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006Continue reading…