Free-range farmer tours Europe in a chicken suit, calling for honest labelling.


Today, Friday 1 August, Rosa the campaigning chicken will set out for her 39-day tour of the European Union (EU).

Rosa is calling for clear and compulsory welfare labelling of poultrymeat. She wants consumers to be able to answer the simple question, ‘How was this chicken kept?’

39 days is the average lifespan of an intensively farmed meat chicken. Intensive farming can lead to severe heart problems, … Continue reading…


We collected a pigeon from one of the most unexpected venues on Saturday 19 July,  a Royal Navy ship.

Steve, as he was named by crew members, was found in a hangar at the top of HMS Ocean.

Fledgling in need

There were no parents to be seen and a crew member took on the pigeon’s care until the ship docked a few days later. Steve is just a young fledgling and needed feeding by hand.

When the … Continue reading…

Look beyond the ‘selfie’ and be selfless for animals


We’re thrilled that the plight of hard to rehome black cats has hit the news today, but would like to assure people the reasons they are difficult to rehome is complex and based on a number of key factors.

In UK folklore, black cats symbolise good luck, yet sadly in reality they are not so lucky. There is a national problem with rehoming cats of this colour and at … Continue reading…


More people are following in the footsteps of big-hearted celebrities and rehoming one of our rescue pets.

The latest rehoming figures show that so far this year more rescue cats, dogs and horses have been adopted from us than last year.

RSPCA rehomers this year include comic John Bishop who adopted Milo the pig; double gold medal dressage star, Charlotte Dujardin, who fell in love with a foal called Santa; and actor John Hannah who gave kitten Milo a … Continue reading…


Dog owners have been urged to keep their pets cool to avoid the heartbreak of losing a much-loved companion.

With weather forecasts predicting that temperatures could soar over the next few days, we have issued our regular appeal to owners to keep their dogs safe in the sun.

Hot cars can be death traps

RSPCA chief vet James Yeates said:

“A hot car can be a death trap for dogs, it’s as simple as that. Leaving your dog in

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