Back in 1983 Bananarama sang about a ‘Cruel Summer’ – now we are calling 2014 the cruelest summer on record, with this Saturday set to be the ‘day from hell’.

Between January and the end of July this year we received  806,356 calls to our 24-hour national cruelty line.

This is an average of 3,822 calls every day – one every 30 seconds.

Our inspectors report an increasingly horrifying catalogue of animal crimes over the summer months including:… Continue reading…


A little kitten rescued by soldiers at an army barracks is now looking for a new home.

The baby tabby was just five weeks old when he was found ill and straying at Tidworth Garrison in Wiltshire on 21 July.

He was extremely weak, lethargic and shaking. He was also being bullied by a larger cat, so Fusilier Damon Milward came to the rescue. He took the kitten inside, let him nestle in some nearby army uniforms for warmth, … Continue reading…


We are searching for the owner of a dog found wandering on a Goldthorpe street who was unrecognisable because of his overgrown, matted coat.

RSPCA Inspector Sara Jordan said his coat was so matted that dreadlocks had formed around his feet and behind. They were so dirty that maggots had started living in his fur.


Unbelievable transformation

Sara could not believe the transformation after the dog’s dirty fur was trimmed right

back because he looked like a … Continue reading…


We are appealing for information after a woman was seen throwing a cat into the Thames at about 8.30pm on Sunday, 28 July.

The middle-aged woman was seen by passers-by carrying a basket to the Greenland Quay before taking out a female tabby cat and throwing her into the water.

Luckily, nearby members of the public sprung to the rescue and leaned over the side of the quay to lift the cat to safety.

She has now been … Continue reading…


With the school summer holidays upon us, children and dogs will be spending more time together. We’ve produced advice for parents and children to help make sure this time is spent safely.

According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre, in 2013, the age group with the highest number of hospital admissions for dog bites was children aged between 0-9 years old. Hospital injury data also show that young children are more likely to be bitten by Continue reading…