Number of neglected equines rescued triples

We have launched a campaign to find homes for a record number of abused, neglected and abandoned horses and ponies.

Charities, including us, are in the grip of an equine crisis as falling horse prices over the past five years, combined with rising feed and care costs, have led to thousands of horses being neglected, dumped and in some cases left starving to death.

Help us find homes for horses.

Alarming figures from … Continue reading…


New polling of public, politicians and animal welfare experts highlights the need for the government to lead the way – and identifies the plight of research animals, breeding animals and those hunted for sport as top priorities.

This week we  hosted an animal welfare debate with leading animal welfarists and members of parliament at the site of our very first meeting back in 1824.

The panel was chaired by our head of public affairs and included:

Convictions involving horses up by an astonishing 154 per cent


We have released our annual rescue and cruelty figures which show that we investigated almost 3,000 more complaints than in 2012. 

The figures are detailed in our Prosecutions Annual Report, released today, which also contains a shocking catalogue of cruelty including the stories of Rocky the dog who was shot six times and left to die in a ditch; and Florence the shih-tzu whose paws fell off after … Continue reading…


World renowned experts debate whose responsibility it is to treat animals humanely and how far we have progressed in the last 190 years.

We are celebrating our 190-year anniversary and to commemorate this we are hosting a debate with invited experts at the location of our first ever meeting in St Martin’s Lane, London.  This will be the start of a national conversation about who is responsible for animal welfare and where the challenges will occur in the future…. Continue reading…


We have vowed to carry on pushing for a ban on keeping primates as pets after a UK government Select Committee ruled legislation could be considered in the future.  

A report by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee has recommended that the UK government must establish how many primates, and of what type, are kept and traded as pets in England and take a number of steps to improve their welfare in the meantime.

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