We are appealing for information on how a cat and her kittens came to be dumped in Gloucester.

A shivering mother cat and her two kittens were found abandoned on a bench in Berkeley Street, Gloucester this week.

The cats had been wrapped tightly in a pink paw print blanket and left on a bench in the town centre.

Luckily they were spotted by an eagle-eyed member of the public who took them home and called us.

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Five bantams sealed in a cardboard box with no ventilation have been dumped on the drive of a chicken keeper in Telford.

The chickens were left around 0830 yesterday morning ( 1 August) at a house in Newcomen Way. The woman who found them said she thought they had been left there because she did keep chickens herself.



RSPCA inspector Elaine Williams said: “The box was clean but had no bedding in it and no food and water … Continue reading…

The RSPCA’s West Hatch animal centre in Taunton is searching for good homes for four rare breed pigs that came into their care as a result of a prosecution.

The four sows are Oxford Sandy and Black pigs and are two years old and weigh around 200 kilos each.


Plum is a grey pig with black spots and Pudding, Sandy and Oxford are all sandy with black spots.


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Wednesday 27 February 2013


The RSPCA are outraged that the Government have ignored public, parliamentary, EU Commission and scientific opinion and announced that it will be going ahead with plans for badger cull this summer.


Plans for these pilot culls had been due to go ahead last autumn but were postponed but today (Wednesday 27 February) Defra issued a statement saying that the final licences had been granted and that the culls would go ahead from June. They … Continue reading…

 The RSPCA says the horses stranded in flood water by the A40 in Gloucestershire have been moved to safer ground and it is continuing to advise their owners.


At the beginning of December, 60 horses and ponies became trapped on some raised ground on a farm alongside the A40 near St Oswald’s. There were two large barns and some hard standing that they had access to but no way in or out for supplies except by boat.


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