The RSPCA is appealing for information after a dead dog was found dumped in a ditch near Morrison’s supermarket in Totton – a spot known for having major fly-tipping problems.

The female, adult Staffordshire bull terrier had not been microchipped, making it difficult to identify exactly where she has come from. It is not yet known how the dog died or came to have been dumped in the ditch on Mansergh Walk in Totton, and the RSPCA is asking anyone … Continue reading…

The RSPCA’s West Hatch Animal Centre in Taunton is launching an urgent appeal for a special foster carer for a collie with a sad past who is now desperate for a temporary home to call her own after reaching breaking point in kennels.   

The tri-colour pure border collie who cannot be named for legal reasons came into the care of the RSPCA as part of an ongoing court case and is struggling with kennel life so much that it is … Continue reading…

Fenn trapped cat_Cheltenham

The RSPCA is appealing to find the owner of a trap after a domestic cat got caught and injured by one in Cheltenham.

Steven Davies, the RSPCA animal welfare officer who helped the cat, said: “It was quite a sight to behold – the cat was found by a member of the public wandering down the road with this huge mechanical trap on his head and was clearly in distress.

“The cat was taken to the vets where he was … Continue reading…

Wednesday 22 April 2015

‘Marv’ellous rescue of upside down cat

Fire service & RSPCA rescue adventurous feline


The RSPCA and Avon Fire and Rescue Service had to join forces last week to rescue a cat who had become stuck in a small gap between two garage walls.

Marv the cat had somehow become firmly wedged upside down in the gap between his owner’s garage and their next door neighbour’s garage in Lydiard Croft, Hanham, Bristol.


It is thought … Continue reading…

Complaints investigated by RSPCA on the rise

Annual figures reveal more complaints of cruelty including a cat abandoned with severe head injuries and dumped dogs described as ‘bags of bones’

The RSPCA’s annual figures for 2014 show that cruelty complaints investigated by the charity in the south west and central England* have gone up once again.


More worrying still is that the numbers of complaints involving direct cruelty including beatings, improper killing, mutilation and poisonings formed 12.5% of the … Continue reading…