An orphaned new born otter was rescued near Monmouth on Thursday 11 April.

The young mammal’s screams were heard by a member of the public in Upper Ferry Road, Penallt, a few days ago. The cub’s mother had not returned and the otter was rescued and placed into the care of the RSPCA.

The tiny mammal will be hand reared before being released back to the wild.

RSPCA officer Sian Burton said: “My work is amazingly varied and it just … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is trying to trace the owners of a cat who was found by a member of the public dumped in a wheelie bin in Merthyr Tydfil with severe injuries.

As well as the shocking abdominal injury which had left her intestines hanging out, the young tortoiseshell cat also had serious lacerations to her tail.

The cat – who has since been dubbed Hope – was otherwise in good body condition and had a pink leopard print collar with … Continue reading…

The ensnared badger rescued by RSPCA inspector Neill Manley on 18 March has been released into the wild at the spot where the animal was found.

RSPCA officer Neill Manley rescued the animal in Parkmill on 18 March. The badger was examined by a vet before being released.

Commenting on the successful operation, Neill said: “After a few days recuperating the badger was released at dusk. As I carried him back to where he came from, the animal seemed to … Continue reading…


Video footage released by the RSPCA shows a badger being rescued from
a snare near Swansea.

You can watch the rescue at

RSPCA officer Neill Manley rescued the animal in Parkmill on 18 March.
The badger was examined and is currently in the care of the RSPCA.

Commenting on the rescue, inspector Manley said: “This incident
highlights the dangers of using snares. It’s actually illegal to
ensnare badgers, birds and deer but this instrument may have been
intended for … Continue reading…

A stray black King snake has been rescued from a Neath garden and returned to his owner.

The reptile was found at a property in Bryn Terrace where the owner remembered that a neighbour was looking for an escaped snake. An RSPCA officer made contact with this neighbour who confirmed that a black King snake had been missing since October 2012 and reptile and owner were reunited on Sunday 10 March.


King snakes are kept by many reptile keepers … Continue reading…